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We at Jewelryzone, Inc. promise to be the lowest price,

By dealing with many Diamond cutters and dealers throughout the United States and the World we are able to offer our customers the lowest possible prices on all of our loose diamonds. In many cases our prices are the same as what other jewelers pay. HOW? We take advantage of all of the latest techniques in distribution technology, high volume sales,and quick cash payments, to induce these companies to offer their diamonds to us at their lowest prices. It is no secret that the diamond business is mostly controlled and a tightly held monopoly. This means we pay the same as other high volume cash paying dealers. The difference is, we also sell in large quantities with a national, and now a global, marketplace. We're not limited by the geographical limitations of normal marketing and can work for less on each transaction.

We distribute high quality jewelry at prices jewelry stores and the overhead associated with them can not compete. From an ethical standard, other dealers are reticent to admit, we deal only with the public. As such, we will not make false claims that our prices are " Wholesale to the Public". The fact that some of our retail prices are as low or lower than what some jewelers pay is not a reason to make a claim that we are wholesalers. Jewelryzone believes that these type of claims, although they may be legal in some states, are unethical. Why? Because the root word in wholesale is "whole". In distribution that means "all", or at the very least, "a lot". Our customers generally are buying "one". And one or two is not the same as "all". That means no matter how you slice it, no matter what the claim is, you're buying at retail if you're not in the business. We will not perpetuate that false claim or lie. The real proof is what did it cost you and what type of return policy do they have.

We offer a no hassle money back policy ! You buy a Diamond or any piece of jewelry from us, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality, service, and price or we will refund your purchase price. See our terms and conditions for all policies. If you find a diamond at a lower price some where else we will always match prices on same stones.

What is cost if you have no service to back it up? We have a sister company, Gold Unlimited, owned by us, with a complete jewelry shop and graduate gemologist to service all your needs in sizing, repairs, custom jewelry, and appraisals. Whether you shop in our store or on the web, you get the great same service and low prices!

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