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Terms and Conditions
To our Valued Customers:

Regarding Website Accuracy
  • Every possible precaution has been made to offer this information in as accurate form as humanly possible. We are not responsible for typographical errors or mathematical errors if and when you find them. Our computers regularly gather data from cutters and dealers throughout the world on a daily basis and rely on the accuracy of this information. Our custom written Diamond database software regularly checks for many types of common errors but we cannot guarantee that a particular diamond is available, or at the price quoted until we verify it. If you find obvious errors please inform us so we can make corrections as quick as possible. Please note many of the better made, premium cut and ideal cut diamonds are sold almost as fast as they are posted. If your looking for a very high quality Diamond and you don't see what you are looking for, call at once at 800-431-3377 so we can locate this for you before it is posted to the database. We also have other sources that do not make their inventories available in a digital form for use by our database but may have the exact diamond your looking for.

    Regarding Diamond Returns
  • All Loose Diamonds are guaranteed returnable for 10 days from when you sign for them as evidenced by your returned receipt. You may return them for a full cash refund. Please call and receive a return authorization Number -- WE DO NOT ACCEPT RANDOM RETURNS WITHOUT THIS NUMBER. This is for your protection, so you can receive instructions assisting you to properly insure and ship the merchandise back, protecting yourself from shipping loss or other problem. We do not charge shipping on completed diamond sales over $5,000.00, however we do charge shipping on returned diamonds. It is your sole responsibility to insure and ship a diamond back to us in its original condition to receive credit. After inspection and verification we will return all wired funds by check less our shipping charge. Credit cards are refunded through the credit card less shipping and any non refundable transactions fees. Non refundable transaction fees are charged to many credit cards. If you are not sure, it is your responsibility to find out from your issuing bank.

    Regarding Other Merchandise Returns
  • Most merchandise sold is also returnable in a 10-day period. Custom-made merchandise, custom ordered merchandise, or rings that have been sized are not returnable. Some of the merchandise available from our company is available to us only on a special order basis. We will advise you before finalizing the order if this is one of those items.

    Regarding Diamonds Certification and the Returns Process
  • We guarantee the authenticity of all Diamond certifications from EGL, GIA, and AGS. These independent third parity appraisers of Diamond quality, double and triple check the grading of each Diamond, this is your assurance of the quality you are paying for. In addition, we check again and verify that the diamond we are shipping is the same diamond that is described on the certificate or in the case of direct shipments; also have the dealers check "one more time" just before shipping. Many of these have either an inscription on the girdle with the certificate number on it or a plot diagram to describe the individual characteristics of that particular diamond. In the rare event a diamond is shipped back to us, we may ask that the diamond be sent to a third party appraiser before we accept delivery, to verify that the Diamond being returned to us, is the diamond we shipped before credit is given. We will give that name and address at the time of return.

    Regarding Payment
  • PAYMENT: Most people pay by wire transfer, and all loose diamonds have been discounted to their lowest cash only price to account for this. This is the safest form of payment and offers the most flexibility for you in shipping. We do accept credit cards up to $5,000.00 but will add back the cash discount of 3.5%. However with the increased attempts at identity theft, credit card theft and fraud attempts we have found it imperative to protect ourselves and customers by instituting the following:

    Card Holder Instructions & Restrictions: If reading this from a customer perspective, our requirements for credit card transactions may seem extreme at first. However, as a merchant we feel that these precautions are necessary to prevent credit card fraud and/or identity theft. We aggressively prosecute credit card fraud and report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities. We only accept credit cards issued by U.S. Banks to U.S. Residents. We do not accept credit cards for foreign orders. We reserve the right to refuse payment by credit card at our sole discretion and without explanation. In accordance with the requirements set forth by our merchant credit card company we MUST have a signed credit card authorization slip to process your order, hence the notarization of this form.

    We will provide this form filled out for your purchase ready for signature in either a word or pdf format, by e-mail or fax.

    This document must be signed by a licensed notary public. You can usually find a notary public at your personal bank or in the telephone book, there may be a minimal charge for this service. Be sure to bring your credit card and drivers license with you for verification purposes. Upon completion of this form in the presence of a licensed notary public, please fax a copy to us at (800) 796-7782 and send us the original for processing via U.S. Mail or U.S. Express Mail to the address listed on the form. We do not accept delivery of this form via Federal Express or UPS in accordance with Federal Regulations pertaining to mail fraud. Please note that we MUST have this form before we will ship your order. We will only ship merchandise to the address that your credit card company has on file for you as a billing address or alternate shipping address [if you want the package shipped to your work address, simply telephone your credit card company and add your work address to your account as an authorized shipping address] this information will be verified with the bank. You MUST be present to personally sign receipt of your package. No other person may sign receipt of your package, regardless of authority. Fed Ex, and USPS will not release our packages to any person other than the addressee on the package. Packages will not be addressed to any person other than the cardholder. These requirements are in accordance with the card holder verification requirements of the credit card processing companies. Accounts must be at least one year old and in good standing for acceptance by our company. Accounts with a history of charge backs and dishonored charges will not be accepted under any circumstance. Account information may be verified using a variety of security and risk management services for the protection of all parties involved. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, we apologize that these measures are necessary to protect our customers and ourselves. We hope that you realize that our implementation of these measures may prevent someone from fraudulently using your credit card.

    This whole process can take 24 hours to complete and get back to us, it is up to you.

    Regarding Shipping Expenses
    All diamonds and jewelry orders over $5,000 are shipped domestic overnight express ( Normally FEDEX or UPS) at our expense.

    Loose diamonds under $5,000 are charged a $29.00 fee for overnight shipping and Insurance.

    All other orders are charged an $15.00 2nd day domestic air rate which includes insurance up to $1,000 International Shipping will be assessed on a case by case basis

    All merchandise must be paid with check, certified checks, wire transfer, or Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit Card. All checks must clear our bank before shipment. All our loose diamonds have a 3.5% cash discount already figured into the price and will be added back on credit card transactions. Our Discount policy is simple, the 3.5 % discount is our way of mitigating the expense for you to take a cash advance on your card and send us a wire transfer and save time and money if you want to use it.

    Regarding International Orders
    International Sales: Jewelryzone, Inc. ships internationally to most countries in the World. We accept wire-transferred funds in U.S. Dollars, and add shipping to all orders. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OUTSIDE THE US. We will advise you of shipping and insurance charges, typically from $75.00 to $100.00 on most orders for loose diamonds and $30-$50 on wedding bands and other merchandise before completing the transaction. Import duties, if any, and local taxes and restrictions are your responsibility. All merchandise is shipped insured FOB Livermore, CA 94550.

    Regarding Sales Tax
    All Diamonds and merchandise are shipped FOB Livermore, CA 94550. All sales whether shipped directly from our office or drop shipped from our manufacturers and vendors are considered sold and shipped by Jewelryzone, Inc. a California corporation. All merchandise shipped to CA addresses, or taken delivery in CA regardless of the source of funds, are CA sales and will be charged sales tax as per State sales tax laws.

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